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Subscription Pricing:Mark up assist is available for $4.99/mo.Single-user license pricing for AutoCAD has increased to $119.99/mo.Support and Documentation:In addition to the previously released updates to the Help system, AutoCAD includes several features designed to reduce support issues. New features are added to the Help system, and existing topics are refreshed or expanded to reflect new functionality. As a result, documentation will be updated, and you’ll receive new and improved Help topics as AutoCAD is updated.Improved Architecture commands:New Command toolbar icon: Use the graphic to access and choose between the New Architectural Level (featuring Section, Light, Wall, and Structure) and the Standard Architectural Level (featuring Floor, Wall, Level, Building, Structure, and Style). To access the Toolbar Options dialog, right-click the icon to reveal the context menu.To access the New Architectural Level, right-click the icon. To access the Standard Architectural Level, right-click the icon and choose Customize.New Architecture commands: Use the Architecture tab in the Customize dialog to choose between the New and Standard Architectural Levels.New command: Use the Extension Manager to create a custom extension.Command: Use the extension wizard to create a custom extension.Command: Use the extensions directory to view installed extensions and remove them.Command: Use the Customization dialog to set options for a custom extension.Command: Use the Extensions Editor to edit an extension’s XML file.Command: Use the Extensions Editor to edit a custom extension.Command: Use the Extensions Manager to manage installed extensions.Command: Use the Extension Manager to manage installed extensions.Customize button (File > Customize): Select the Customize button to open the Customization dialog box. (Note: Opening the Customization dialog box without first selecting the Customize button opens a dialog that provides additional customization options.)New commands: Use the Alignment tab to align drawing objects to vertical and horizontal lines and to make them face or align to other drawing objects.Command: Use the Reference Manager to define reference relationships and dimensions, and use dimensional references to create and update axis descriptions.Command: Use the Dimension Management tab to define dimensional constraints and edit dimension-based attributes.Command: Use 2be273e24d


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