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What are the various types of tabletops that fold?

Depending on how you want to utilize your folding tables It is important to consider the material that the tabletop is constructed of because it could make a huge difference. The most popular and practical alternatives are wood and plastic.

Tabletops made of plastic The cost of plastic tabletops is low and therefore ideal for use in high-volume environments where aesthetics are not important to the purpose. They're excellent all-purpose devices that can be used outdoors and indoors.

Clean and easy to clean, they are also light enough to make it easy for one person to manage. But, since they are light there are limits to the weight that the table can handle.

Wooden tabletops Tabletops made of wood offer design and strength. The edges and tops can be customized with laminates that come in a variety of finishes to blend with interiors.

Based on the size of tables, the may be heavy and need two people to lift them and to set up. Small folding tables should be lightweight enough for one person to carry and fold.

They are typically more sturdy than tables made of plastic because the legs are made to withstand heavier loads, however be aware that there will remain a certain amount of limit.

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