1. Stevie Nicks “Stand Back” twirl distance between peeps in lobby (about 6 feet).

You can also hang out in front, or shop next door at PRIVATE STOCK and we can TEXT YOU when you’re up.


2. Wash Your Mitts.

Just like your momma been telling you forever. 20 seconds with soap. We have hand sanitizer in lobby, a sink in each tat station and a bathroom to clean your digits.

3. No More Than 7 Customers Allowed In The Studio At A Time. 

We have 2 artists on shift and 1 front person, so that leaves room for 7 extra peeps in our 1000 square foot studio to abide by the no gatherings of more than 10 people. This ain't a "gathering" but why mess with it!



Extra cleaning like cray cray - sanitizing anything you touch regularly with Cavicide wipes, Cavicide spray, Madacide wipes, Clorox bleach spray, Lysol spray, Kirkland surface disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer just in case.

Air hugging and air fist bumping each other and you, staggered tat stations 8 feet apart, not panicking but staying AWARE for you, boo! We gonna get through this and THEN WE CAN HUG


...Common sense and all that - if you sick , why the fuck are you out?? Go the fuck home! We can tattoo you when you feel better m’kay?

We have ALWAYS said “hell naw” when you wanted your 18 friends to hold your one hand when you got tattooed but now it’s NO FRIENDS IN TAT AREA. One tat, one peep -you. Face time them when they’re outside and you can all scream together virtually.

AS ALWAYS we use medical grade cleaning and sterilization products and techniques at our tat stations and we will also be frequently scrubbing the fuck out of high traffic spots.

And DOUBLE DUH we use single-use disposable everything.

And we wear disposable nitrile gloves whilst tatting, possibly the one job besides a nurse where it doesn’t seem creepy to be wearing gloves on the job. 

We have been sterile and clean forevah. Forevah evah? YES. Stay clean, cough in your sleeve, burn your shirt after coughing in your sleeve, look both ways before crossing the road, get 8 hours of sleep, eat your veggies and WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS pretty please.


Love & Air Kisses,

All Saints Tattoo